Art prints

Transform your wall with unique art prints

Art has the power to uplift and vitalise any space. Whether you’re adding one statement piece or a gallery wall, you can use art prints and posters as an extension of your personality to make a house a home

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⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Nothing says boring and impersonal more than blank white walls. But making that jump to create an interior decor you’re proud of is big move, which is why buying art is so fun. It’s a big step in your life that is far removed from the days of being a teenager and hanging gig or festival posters on your walls. Below we’ve given a quick overview of some important points to consider, but for a full deep dive checkout DROOL SCHOOL, which is a series of 8 bite-sized guides on everything from what to consider when buying art, to how to style art within your home



The easiest place to start when buying art is to consider the wall space you’re working with. Are you wanting to hang some artworks above your sofa, in the hallway or perhaps in kitchen? It’s important to get a feel for the size and scale of the wall you had in mind, as this will help you find artworks of suitable size. For example, hanging a large scale print in a small space can look off balance, so it’s best to get the tape measure out. If you want to play around with moodboarding and decide what art prints and sizes work best in certain places within your home then you should check out our Gallery Wall Builder tool. The features within this tool will allow you to upload a photo of your interior and drag and drop prints you like into place, whilst playing around with the size and framing options


Artwork colour

Colour is super important. People often look for art prints for sale that are aesthetically pleasing, however the don’t realise the colour of the artwork is crutial too. Not only has it got the ability to effect our moods but it can help create a cohesive look within your interior

Colour has the power to energise, calm and inspire us. But colours effect people in different ways, some people are sensitive to their surroundings, so they may be affected by the energy of a bright red wall or the calming nature of a light blue bedroom. But then again, you may never notice colours so definitively, however the underlining effects are still there. So looking more closely at the colours in an artwork and how they make you feel or align to the room you’ll be placing the artwork in is worth considering

If you’re someone that likes cohesion, then creating this between your artworks and the other interior decor objects and theme you have going on can create a unified interior that looks and feels well thought out. Working with cohesive colours when creating a gallery wall is our top tip in creating a refined art wall. For example, if the largest artwork in the gallery wall is quite red dominant, then you can look for the other art prints to feature shades or hints of red. This approach will help create a thing of beauty that you’ll be hyped about and want to show off

If you’re not that confident working with colour then I’d suggest you jump into Chapter 1 of our DROOL SCHOOL guides, as this is an intro to colour and will help you find winning colour combos

Hang wall art

Once you’ve made a purchase and it comes to hanging your new pride and joy, it’s good to think through how you want to hang it. We always save hanging it with a proper picture hanger or wall plug and screw is best, as this will ensure there are no issues holding the weight. But with todays horrible living costs, many of us are renters, so you want to double check your contract or with your landloard about putting a hole in the wall to hang art print frames. Worst case you can buy those handy adhesive command strips and slap these on the wall to attach your art frame. They now offer many different types, often stating what size art frames they hold, so keep an eye out for these

Happy shopping!