We've answered some popular FAQs

We’ve answered some popular FAQs

How DROOL works:

What is DROOL?
DROOL provides artists with the tools and services needed to effortlessly sell top-quality giclée fine art prints and handcrafted frames, on-demand. We take the hassle and effort out of selling, giving you more time to concentrate on what you’re passionate about. Simply submit your artwork, pick your listing type and print options. You’ll then have a personal gallery to promote and sell your artwork from

Sales type
We have made DROOL as easy as possible for you to keep the majority of the profits. As our unique sales model allows you to utilise your followers and fans to generate your own sales and keep up to 90% of the profits, whilst we take care of everything else. We have 2 sales types to choose from:

– Limited edition run: limited to the production of 100, 50, 25, 10, 5, 2 or 1 editions
– Unlimited run: sell as many prints as you like, with no restrictions

What are the production/printing cost at DROOL?
You can view a full breakdown of our global print production costs HERE. These should be treated as estimated costs, as they can fluctuate up and down slightly. This is due to the fact they are based on international exchange rates, what price paper stock is purchased for and where the print is being delivered to

We work hard to bring you the lowest production cost possible, without a compromise on quality. So we are constantly looking for new ways to lower our costs. If you want an exact figure, feel free to contact us

How is profit calculated?
The profit on an artwork sale is the difference between the production cost (the costs to manufacture your artwork, the production of any add-ons and the credit card/debit card transaction fee) and the retail price (the price you choose to sell your artwork for). This profit on an artwork is then divided between yourself and us. The percentage you keep will depend on the listing type and how the order/sale was generated. Here’s a break down of sales model:

Limited edition run:

Sale source (who made the sale)% of profit you keep% of profit DROOL keep

Unlimited run:

Sale source (who made the sale)% of profit you keep% of profit DROOL keep

How are sales I generate tracked?
Once your artwork is live on DROOL we’ll email you an artist referral link. This is a unique code for your artwork, so you can put this link anywhere really…link on your website, social media profiles, social media posts or emails. How it works is, Cookies are used to track the referral link once someone clicks on the link and data is tracked and logged regarding their buying activity. By using Cookies it means even if someone clicks your link and browses your artwork but then leaves and doesn’t buy anything, if they return after a few weeks to buy something without coming directly from your link this time, the purchase will still be tracked as yours (so long as the person uses the same browser without clearing their cookie history). COMING SOON – We are currently building a dashboard where artists will be able to track their sales live

What is DROOL’s commission for?
The profits we keep from the sale of an artwork sale is used to cover all costs associated with website maintenance, admin, customer service, order fulfillment, and refunds

How does the licensing work?
You retain all the rights and ownership of any artwork you upload. You merely grant DROOL a temporary non-exclusive license to produce, market and sell the artwork on your behalf, while it’s active on DROOL

When do I get paid?
At the end of each month, artists will receive a sales report that displays their sales profit. Payments are then made to each artist, usually within 5 days. Payments can be made made into your bank account or Paypal

Spec and production

Let us help you
If you need help making your artwork file print-ready or setting the optimum print sizes to offer or deciding on the best selling price, then skip our guides and head to our submissions page where you can select Assisted Submission. It’s much quicker and allows a trained professional to do this for you. But if you want full control over your artwork file and product listing, then feel free to choose a Standard Submission where you can set this

What print sizes do you offer?
We offer 16 different print sizes across our paper choices. The size you choose to print at depends on your preference and the pixel dimensions of your artwork file. You can find out more about our print sizes in our What spec options should I offer guide

What paper stock do you offer?
We offer 3 high-quality global fine art papers. These range from 1 low-cost versatile paper that’s an unbranded, lower weight replica of our Photo Rag paper. The other 2 papers are premium quality Hahnemühle branded paper. We also offer a wide selection of other paperweights and finishes to UK customers only. To discuss our UK papers, feel free to get in touch

What frame options to you offer?
We currently offer 1 global frame option. This is our classic frame which is made from high-quality wood and presented with a satin finish. It’s available in black, white and natural colours. Frames can also be made with the optional extra of a crisp white window mount. We also offer a further 4 frames to UK customers only. To discuss our UK frames, feel free to get in touch

Why do you print-on-demand?
To offer artists an exceptionally high standard of fine art printing without the need for any upfront costs, bulk ordering, stockpiling or wastage, we have chosen to only offer a made order printing and framing service. This not only lends well to the fact museum-quality giclée printing is a digital printing process that involves the production of individual prints but also aligns to our exceptional framing standards, which sees us hand frame and hand finish every order

What is Hahnemühle?
Founded back in 1584, Hahnemühle is a German manufacturing company of fine art papers. They are extremely well regarded in the industry, offering a range of top, archival quality paper stocks

What is DROOL+
Intended for more high-end print sales, DROOL+ is our premium finishing service. Restricted to limited edition prints that are producing using Hahnemühle branded paper, this service adheres to the same exceptional quality as our everyday printing, but with the added benefit of some exclusive add-ons, including an embossed certificate of authenticity that is paired with the artwork through a holographic stickers containing a unique serial number and a printed note of thanks from the artist to the buyer, all of which is neatly presented in a chrome padded envelope. An additional cost of £10 applies to this service, which is added to the retail price


Where do you ship?
We ship globally! With print studios in the UK, Netherlands, US, Canada and Australia, we not only reduce the delivery costs for our customers, but we also reduce our carbon footprint by printing as close to the customer as possible

Can customers return orders?
Generally, we don’t offer returns as all prints and frames are made to order in am of removing any unnecessary environmental waste. As we only make what sells. However, as part of our DROOL Promise, if an order doesn’t arrive in the post or if it gets damaged in transit, then we’ll reprint and replace the order free of charge

How long do international orders take to be delivered?
Despite everything being made to order, this doesn’t mean there’s painfully long production and delivery times. Our studios operate 24/7, with over 80% of products being manufactured and shipped within 24-48 hours


What payment options do you accept?
We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as Paypal and Klarna

Customer can pay in installments or buy now, pay in 30 days
Through Klarna, we give customers 2 flexible checkout solutions, with no interest or fees – none of which effect when you get paid. To find out more about Klarna then visit our explantation page here or take a look at their website

– Interest-free installments: Customers can pay later with 3 interest-free installments
– An extra 30 days to pay: Customers get an extra 30 days to complete their payment