How to make your artwork print ready

Ensuring your artwork file is correctly prepared for printing will result in stunning prints. If you don’t follow the steps below, your prints could suffer from pixelation and colour saturation

Checklist to ensure your artwork is print ready

  1. Resolution – 300dpi (pixels per inch)
  2. Dimensions – match the desired print size and ratio
  3. Bits/channel – 8
  4. Colour space – RGB
  5. Colour profile – Adobe RGB (1998) or if you want more colour accuracy, soft proof with our ICC profiles
  6. File type – saved as a high resolution JPG

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If your artwork doesn’t match any of the dimensions or aspect ratios listed below, then please refer to our walkthrough on irregular artwork file sizes HERE

Print size Digital artwork dimentions
Aspect Ratio
6×8″ (15x20cm) 1805x2405px (300dpi) 1.33:1
8.3×11.7″ (A4) 2495x3515px (300dpi) 1.41:1
12×12″ (30x30cm) 3605x3605px (300dpi) 1:1
11×14″ (28×35.5cm) 3305x4205px (300dpi) 1.27:1
12×16″ (30x40cm) 3605x4805px (300dpi) 1.33:1
11.7×16.5″ (A3) 3515x4955px (300dpi) 1.41:1
16×20″ (40x50cm) 4805x6005px (300dpi) 1.25:1
16.5×23.4″ (A2) 4955x7025px (300dpi) 1.41:1
20×20″ (50x50cm) 6005x6005px (300dpi) 1:1
18×24″ (45x60cm) 5405x7205px (300dpi) 1.33:1
20×28″ (50x70cm) 6005x8405px (300dpi) 1.4:1
24×32″ (60x80cm) 7205x9605px (300dpi) 1.33:1
23.4×33.1″ (A1) 7025x9935px (300dpi) 1.41:1
28×28″ (70x70cm) 8405x8405px (300dpi) 1:1
24×36″ (60x90cm) 7205x10805px (300dpi) 1.5:1
28×40″ (70x100cm) 8405x12005px (300dpi) 1.43:1