Tips to creating a DIY photoshoot

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When selling online, good images and photos are fundamental to selling art… as art is visual in nature

Contact us to order a sample (you just pay for the production/delivery cost). That way you can get creative and take some real-life shots of your print in-situ. Plus this allows you to style the shoot to get across your distinct look and what makes you unique

The power of images lie in the fact that we’re wired to notice, remember, learn from, and respond emotionally to visuals. People remember only 5-10% of information three days after hearing it, on average; adding a picture can improve recall to 65%

So with selling art online, where people don’t have the opportunity of seeing and touching the artwork in real life, you can’t skimp on product visuals. It not only helps to build confidence and trust with the customer, but it also allows them to simply view and examine the piece

Doing your own DIY photoshoot instead of using digital mockups is the best way to get across your style, personality and visual identity. As it allows you to invite people into your world and offers an opportunity to get creative with the mood, colours, setting and vibe that your shoot uses. Resulting in you creating a series of original photos that have a consistent look and feel. Best of all, it doesn’t have to cost a crazy amount, you just need to think outside the box

Example by @obstacle.graphic

Key points to consider:

When shooting, light is SO important. If you’re shotting indoors, the easiest way to overcome any lighting issues is to pickup some mains powered photography lighting. You can get a couple of complete lightbox setups from Amazon for around £50. But if you’re more interested in using natural light, think about how different sunlight and times of the day will affect your shoot

  • If it’s very sunny and you shoot in the afternoon, the light will create warmer colours and long shadows. So you can get creative with the use of shadows
  • On a more overcast day, you can create a calmer, more gentle atmosphere

Get a variety of shots, with some in-situ shots, as well as some taking from different angles, as well as close-ups to show the detail will help customers to great a real feel for the print and your attention to detail

Shoot location
You want to carefully consider the surroundings and background of your photo’s. You don’t want it to be too distracting as the main focus needs to be on the artwork. You can try using textures, complementing colours and different angles to make your artwork pop

Looking to collab with a photographer?
If you don’t think your photography skills will cut it, collaborating with a photographer that has a similar aesthetic to you or what you envisage, can produce amazing results. Instagram works as a great platform to seek out great photographers that are looking for collab opportunities to develop their portfolios

You don’t need to spend silly amounts of money. If you need helping hands, you want to collaborate with people that get as much out of it as you. Whether they’re looking for experience or pieces for their portfolio, find people who share the same creative vision or offer to lend them a hand with a creative project of theirs

Where to start with your shoot can be daunting, but the best approach is not to overcomplicate it. Don’t forget that the point of the photoshoot is to showcase your artwork. Everything else should be used as supporting aids

Having trouble nailing the right shot? Use our photoshop mockups for a quick alternative