How do I use my artist referral link?

Using your trackable artist link

Once your artwork is live on DROOL, we’ll email you a trackable artist link. This is a URL that contains a unique ID that’s unique to you and allows us to track orders and attribute them to you. This is what enables you to keep 80-90% of the profits, depending on the listing type

How does it work?

Step 1: Using a text or image link, place your trackable artist link anywhere and everywhere possible…like on your website, social media profiles, social media posts, emails, guest blogs, Reddit post, Youtube video description, website banner…the list goes on.

Step 2: When someone clicks the text or image link, cookies are then used to track which pages that customer visits and if they buy anything (but the customer remains anonymous. As we take data privacy seriously, so we only track what’s necessary to attribute the sale to you)

Step 3: Then, if they make a purchase, this sale will be attributed to you

Cookie expiration – 360 days: The clever thing about using cookies is that someone can view your artwork on DROOL using your trackable link and not buy anything the first time around, then if they return within 359 days and buy something, even if they don’t visit via your trackable link when they return, the sale will still be attributed as a sale you generated

What does that trackable artist link look like?

The link is made up of 2 parts:

  • DROOL page URL: This can be any or subpage URL, such as your print listing page
  • ID: This is where the magic happens. This is unique to you, so add it to the end of a DROOL URL and we can track all your sales


Here’s how the URL link structure should look like for an art print listing

Here’s how the URL link structure should look like for an interview post

We’re working to improve this service – soon we’ll be releasing an Artist Dashboard, which will show you customer clicks and buying activity live