Start by planning your launch

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From supported artists, museums and galleries to sell thousands of fine art prints, we’ve seen what key factor can make or break a campaign…and how it can always be traced back to the planning and execution of it. Best of all, it doesn’t have to take weeks of planning and loads of money either. Many achieve great success by just applying a little creativity and following some simple steps

So we’ve put together a blueprint of the steps to follow to effectively start your killer art sales campaign, without the need for a crazy amount of effort or upfront costs

STEP 1: Content bank

You want to start by creating a bank of content that showcases your print

Customers love to get to know the artists, so show your artistic/design process authentically and naturally. Why not get a friend to take some photos and videos of you in your studio or workspace and add a caption about your inspirations or methods. If you don’t know anyone with a slick camera, why not grab a disposable camera or ask around if anyone has an old 35mm camera you can borrow. As it’s a super quick and easy way to create good looking content

We’ve made some downloadable photoshop mockups that allow you to create awesome looking visuals at the click of a few buttons, download them HERE

Not got photoshop? they usually do a 14-day free trial free trial to get you started

Why not order a sample, that way you can get creative and take some real-life shots of your print in-situ. Plus this gives you an opportunity to style the shoot to get across your distinct look and what makes you unique. Checkout the next guide for Tips to creating a DIY photoshoot and contact us to order a sample (you just pay for the production/delivery cost)

If you got the skills to pull together a video, do it! It doesn’t even have to be super polished, these days people like more natural/genuine content. Plus everyone knows social media platforms love video content these days, and Instagram for instance is trying so hard to push their Instagram TV feature you can get awesome organic reach with

Tip: Create content for different post types – utilise Facebook and Instagram stories, carousels and video content

STEP 2: Plan ahead

Use a calendar on your phone or laptop, or better yet, use a free social media scheduling tool like Buffer or HootSuite to plot when you’re going to post your content. This way you can easily decide what imagery you want to use, pre-write the captions and decide on any hashtags upfront. This will save you a lot of the effort down the line, trust us!

STEP 3: Have your artist referral link at the ready

Once your artwork goes live, we’ll email you an artist referral link. So make sure you plan to use this instead of a regular URL link, as this code is unique to you and tracks the sales you generate, which in turn enables us to give you 90% of the profits

The way it works is – it uses clever cookies to track when people click the link and make purchases. Even if someone clicks your referral link, browses your artwork, but then leaves the DROOL site and doesn’t buy anything that time around. If they return after a few days or weeks to buy something without coming directly from your link this time around, the purchase will still be tracked as yours (so long as the person uses the same browser and hasn’t clearing their cookie history). So put this link anywhere and everywhere, as it should be the link you use when shouting about your artwork for sale in your social media bio, on social posts, on your websites, in email comms and anywhere else you can think of

STEP 4: Embrace the power of superfans

It’s likely there’s a group of fans and followers that consistently like, comment, share and talk about your work. These are the most likely people to eagerly promote and buy your work, as they are already interested in you and your work. You can engage with them presale and start creating some hype around getting their hands on your artwork. You can even keep them in the loop to ensure they are the first to hear when they go on sale. Or if you think they’d appreciate a little early-bird discount, we can sort out discount codes, just reach out to us

STEP 5: First post – Pre-launch teaser

You want to tease the sale of your print on social media to generate some hype. It’s a great opportunity to let your audience know a bit about what you’re up to…but don’t give too much info away….save it for the grand launch. Create the sense that your print going on sale is something that people shouldn’t miss and it’s an opportunity for them to be a part of something special. We recommend posting 2-3 days ahead of launch. Tell them exactly where and when your artwork will be available

STEP 6: The grand launch

This is it, you’re artwork is now live, so you want to reach out to everyone and anyone, via social media, your website and email comms. You want to ensure it’s both impactful and informative, so use an image that clearly showcases your artwork and written details that include:

  • Details on the actual artwork
  • The quality of the giclée print and handcrafted frames
  • Edition numbers (if applicable)
  • Price
  • Details on where to buy and most importantly, a link