Chloe Juno

Visual Artist

Working in the photo industry, with her primary focus being on documentary photography. Someone’s Rubbish features over 2500 images on Instagram. Photos were taken daily from 2014. Looking at everyday life in the center of Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, Britain. The objects people use and discard, a street museum of now, looking at the cost of living, the things we need to use in this life, for play, work, education, health, beauty, food, sex, love, drugs, debts, money, bills, general domestic life. Over time I have also realised, that many of the objects I am drawn to document are things I have used or relate to in some way. Financial struggle has sharpened my focus, I am looking at consumerism and consumption. Objects that tell stories of our daily life. The main body of this work is made within an area I grew up and ties in with my life experience. As the collection builds, patterns form, representing a section of a city. A big picture of life now.

Collective member

  • ‘Someone’s Rubbish’ Summer Exhibition FQG Gallery Brighton 2018
  • ACurator – New York – chloejuno – Wild Flowers- Documenting Britain
  • ‘Someone’s Rubbish TRIP MAG 2016
  • ‘Someone’s Rubbish’ Format Festival derby England Mobile Phone Network 2016
  • Tarner Stories exhibition, Brighton – Documenting everyday life via Oral history and photography people’s lives who experience growing up in extreme poverty. – Book held at The British Library 2015
  • Tales of the City 10 year exhibition. Documenting everyday life Plymouth City Museum Photography held in Plymouth, England City Museum’s permanent collection. 2010