Francesco Gallo


I’m Francesco, a photographer and computer graphic artist from Venice, currently based in London. After a Bachelor degree in Visual art at I. U. A. V University in Venice, I attended a master in Computer graphic at Bigrock school in Treviso. I moved to London in 2015 and since then I worked as a computer graphic artist for different companies. My background in art has definitely shaped my vision and my approach to photography while my 3D knowledge has allowed me to have a better understanding of lighting design and colours. I use photography as my tool to explore the world around me and the relationships between lights, materials, textures and shapes.

Being the photography my biggest passion, I have always loved to capture different scenarios (from an urban environment, to still life and human shots) and the hidden details of the scene itself. I like shooting everything that draws my attention and I always try to reflect my vision of the world through my pictures. I’m obsessed with symmetries, corners, shapes, prospectives, lines, and I chase the best way to put all these together into a single frame. My aim is to capture through the lens of my camera everything that’s most people can’t see, details that aren’t easy to notice and catch. In my pictures, I’m not pursuing beauty. I want to find balance and harmony, even where it’s more hard and unusual to find.