Georgie Gibbs

Georgie Gibbs


Drawn to soft colours, hard architecture, form & composition – my work mainly consists of finding the beauty in the mundane from the places around me, mindfully taking images of the ordinary, keeping me present in the moment.

I think it’s important to really get the most of where you live, after all, home is where you will spend most of your time. What binds the majority of my images together, other than colour, shape & composition, is that they’re almost all taken within 20 miles of my home. On the weekends, aside from my 9 to 5, if the weather is looking good, I’ll usually be out on a photo walk.

For me, it’s about maximising the place where I live. Learn to love where you live, figure out what the story is and what’s fun about it. I get so much out of exploring these towns and areas I wouldn’t necessarily travel to if it wasn’t for photography.

Next on the cards is planning a road trip to the USA with my partner Ian, @ihoworth. There’s going to be so many photo opps there, a friend of mine said we might just self combust.

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