Kat Ashford

Kat Ashford

Digital Artist | Los Angeles

Queer, spiritual, and psychedelic themes are present throughout the work.

I’m Interested in making imagery that points to and acknowledges a universal (subconscious) creative field as The source. My duty is simply to express as a vessel/ agent of that source. I recognise the significance of deconditioning and expanding one’s own consciousness through creating. We are all human prisoners to unique perceptions. I hope to tell stories that point to something beyond individualised experience.

I love to work with sacred/religious imagery; repurposing it to find new meaning and symbolism in a contemporary era. I was born and raised in a very conservative environment, so growing through the pains of deconstructing former worldviews has been huge in my art making process. Making Irrational art is important because it continually goes against the grain of everyday dualistic rationality and expectation.

Painting digitally is a conversation about tangibility. I question particularly the paradox of working from behind a machine vs creating analog work, and how it directly relates to the relationship of creator/creation. The majority of my creation comes out of a necessity to see Light at the end of the tunnel:

As (humans) we are the most current expressions of love and life…The most current versions of manifestation in physical body and mind. A Vessel rapidly changing and deteriorating. I am change, I am rebirth. Therefore, creating is foresight and ability to see the great divine outbidding our pride, chilling our breath, making us whole. Foreign imposters named ego take up great space in the collective subconscious-Lying to deep roots of our sanity. Art speaks: Do not be unconscious, hold the power to take up great space and none at all. Be still, but move with acceleration. Accept contradiction. Resist control, stay present. Love is destiny. Healing is necessary. Making is therapy.


Website: www.kathrynashfordstudio.com
Instagram: @ashfordKathryn

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