Nicola Morland

Nicola Morland

Artist | London

Nicola is a self-taught figurative artist, working and living in London. Her subject matter is and always has been focused around women. She is fascinated by the distinctive yet subtle contours of the female form, working with the most stripped back components and features of the human face & body to express a range of raw emotions.

She works to incorporate her background as a graphic designer into her paintings, using bold considered geometric linework paired with impulsive playful brushstrokes. She is interested in understanding and exploring how slight modifications in the angles, intensities of the curve and lengths of the lines alter the viewers perception of the characters’ appearance, emotion and personality. These stripped-back portraits appear somewhat abstract, yet identifiable, expressing feelings of loneliness, boredom, lust, disapproval and ecstasy.

It’s all about minimalism, femininity, and expression.

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