Tjitske Oosterholt

Tjitske Oosterholt


Tjitske (1991) is an Amsterdam based artist and designer, who playfully combines analogue and digital techniques, resulting in an array of tactile prints, unique paintings and designed objects. In her work there is always an interplay between being in and out of control – giving herself the space to discover new techniques along the way.

“I believe the power of art lies in its non-linguistic forms: in the way you can think with and through material, without using words. Therefore I focus on the use of my intuition rather than a concept. By letting the material go its own way, I can discover new combinations and interesting textures, which I then carefully put into the right composition, although always intuitively and never with a clear result in mind. As an artist, I think it’s very important to realize and admit that the material (be this the paint or everything that’s happening around me) is so much more in charge than myself. An artist is not a mastermind, it’s just someone who’s endlessly curious.”

With a background in graphic design and artistic research, and a love for photography and painting, Tjitske’s work hovers between various fields. Her poetic and tactile works are made autonomously, but applied in various ways.

“I believe it to be extremely important to place my work in settings where people can actually continuously experience art and design, and let the work have more of an impact on them – let it become a part of them, another participant in their lives. I think the aspect of actually spending time with a work should get more attention. This is why I’ve decided to sell my prints in a limited edition via an online gallery, so people can hang it in their own home rather than only see it in a gallery space.”

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