DROOL’s Top 10 Interior Design 2022


2022 has been a hell of a year, filled with a mass of brain-melting interior design. We thought it might be interesting to look back over the last 12 months and highlight our top ten picks. Any excuse to lust after a sexy looking space tbh. But we didn’t think it was fair to dictate on this kind of thing, so who better to help with this impossible task than you lot? We called on the gods of social media and jumped on the ‘gram to study which posts YOU GUYS liked the most. Check out the results to our super scientific study below


@dennisvonnazareth consistently wows with his alt-bau mid-century aesthetic. We rate the textured walls, luxe green chair, and vibrant pops of colour from the John Schulisch and Alexander Khabbazi prints


@altbau.zweiundzwanzig perfected a pastel-hued interior design that feels warm and inviting, yet stylish enough to be plastered across an interior design mag. The Stell Paper duo blends excellently with the design


@palaisdetlev piqued our interest by enhancing wooden rattan furniture with a range of coloured accessories and statement accessories, including the Nokia print by Max Blackmore


Mirror mirror on the wall, is @farasarchive the fairest interior of them all? Looking extra with the Alexander Khabbazi and George Kempster prints


@olvh killer kitchen set-up is giving us serious envy. The colour coordination with the Alexander Khabbazi print here is *chefs kiss*


@valli_anzilotti pad screams I know how to have a good time. Recreate the look with the Repeating and Sequence print from Alexander Khabbazi and DOPE by Alessio Borando


Sorry, but how is @house.506 spot not your dream house?! Obsessed with EVERYTHING about this. Including Hayley Wall’s design of course


@residenz.bln WFH area is better than yours. Fact. Shout out to John Schulisch for the decor


We’re not exaggerating when we say @nelplant knows how to colour-match their interior design. Waves by Alexander Khabbazi sets it off nicely.


@yasmineconstance playful digs were made for artistic expression. The John Schulisch and George Kempster prints set it off nicely.

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