Inspire – New Year, New Home


Okay first things first, let’s be real. You’re a bit depleted of ideas and inspiration, or why else would you be here? It’s okay, we get you. 2022 was a longggg year, and after the chaos of December, even our mind is a bit all over the place. We believe that to start 2023 off on the right foot (and maybe as a trendsetter), it’s only fitting that you should be buzzing with art inspo ideas on how to make this your year of transformation; in whichever way feels right to you

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We pride ourselves on being a creatively-minded collective. We are inspired by artists whose talent pushes the boundaries of creativity. It’s art that makes us contemplate, it wows us with its intricacies and inspires us with its design. Because of this, we want to help get you to a place where you are bursting with art inspo ideas, and able to improve your current space to positively impact your mood. Hellooooo trendsetter

Research suggests that looking at art triggers some of the same responses as falling in love. And we are so here for that. It enhances feelings of relaxation and creativity, which can minimise the stress hormone cortisol and improve the positive hormones, endorphins and dopamine in our brains. Basically, art gives a feeling of joy and boosts your mood. It’s proven that being self-expressive and reflecting your personal style is a one-way ticket to creating an authentic, welcoming and relaxing home. It’s a win-win situation

There are four key ways you can get back into the innovation groove. Beginning with a little bit of old-fashioned self-exploration. Of the mind that is… Head to our Art Finder Quiz page which will dissect your personal preferences and connect you with the most exciting up-and-coming creative talent, from traditional to trendsetter.

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Move on to DROOL’s selection of Top 10 interiors of 2022. Learn from the masters of interior design, get serious decor envy and observe the minute details which transform a space from ordinary to extraordinary. Become the next trendsetter baby.

Don’t sleep on getting the lowdown on how DROOL artists craft their masterpieces and take art inspo ideas on how to expand your creative pursuits. Explore our top artist interviews, from Alex Khabbazi and Jocelyn Tsaih, where we grill them on how they start their day, their design process, themes they’re interested in and lots more