Learn – New Year, New Home


January is the time to get ahead, improve your skills, broaden your horizons and expand your knowledge. Grab life by the balls, as they say, cause now is the ideal time to refresh and renew. So if you’re looking to improve your home, read on for DROOL’s insights on how to level up your interior design style.

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Let’s get started with the basics. It’s about creating a home that makes you feel happy, comfortable and represents the real you. If you’ve been feeling a little uninspired and want to mix things up a bit for the new year, our DROOL School course consists of eight different topics which will help you to transform your home from drab to fab

One of the most important design aspects specific to your personal preference is colour, it helps to decide what atmosphere you want to create and is the basis of your design style. But are you aware that individual colours represent different emotions and feelings? Learn more with our Intro to colour course

Once you’ve figured out the colour palette that you’re into, the next step is to discover styles in interior design. Side note – there are A LOT out there. Our advice is to look through our Intro to interior design styles run down and see what catches your eye. But remember you don’t have to stick rigidly to those rules; successful interior design style is about bringing all aspects you love together. Have a flick through our 2023 interior design trends to get more inspo

After you’ve nailed down your style preference, start thinking about decor. In this instalment, we break down the pros of Why to buy art, then jump on to Buying art you love, most importantly Buying art that goes with your interior and the initial steps to take to Buy your first artwork

Once all those pieces are in play, that’s where our tips on Placing and styling artworks come in handy. But the thing with art is that, of course, it looks great alone, but we argue it looks even better grouped together. Take it upon yourself to get to grips with Designing a gallery wall and you’ll end up making up excuses to get your pals over to admire your hard work.

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