DROOL’s New Year, New Home


We all know how the month of Jan begins. You’ve gone OTT over Christmas and New Year’s – and who can blame ya? Now is the time when every man and his dog starts telling you about their new year’s resolution. But if you’re wondering how to make a new year resolution that’s worth sticking to, you’ve come to the right place. But take time to think about it properly. To us, this new year resolution shouldn’t be about a short-term fitness habit, but instead, go deeper and centre around expanding your creative vision, enhancing your environment and growing to become a better version of yourself

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New Year, New Home is our series designed to make you feel good and enhance your creativity. To be inspired, learn and create a better home to kickstart your serotonin. It’s well known (AND scientifically backed) that getting creative boosts positive hormones, motivation and happiness and reduces stress and negative emotions. And when the creativity tap is turned on, it leads to an influx of happier feelings and creative pursuits, leading to a positive cycle. So over the next four weeks, we’re diving deep into ways to liven up your home AND life. So this year, why not make your resolution one that can improve your skills and mindset going forward?

To make it simple, the series is split into three key areas:



For our Inspire instalment, we’re looking at tips and tricks to rev up your inspo battery. Sneak a peek at some of our fave interiors, delve into the depths of our artist’s minds, discover useful tools to help envision your design, and understand how different styles spark your inner creativity



Get into the art of DROOL School with our Learn series. With eight carefully-curated lessons, discover how colour shapes your environment, understand the key factors to buy art you love, find out how to place and style artwork, and much more. Essentially, this is your one-stop shop for deets on an interior revamp



We delve into how to create a mood-boosting interior, tips to rearrange your spot for optimum feng shui (sit back and watch the calm and relaxing vibes roll in), to utilising our handy tools to get creative, and understanding exactly what a positive gallery wall looks like. Are you ready to get stuck in?

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