Quick-fire questions with illustrator, Camilo Medina

“My name is Camilo, I’m a musician and visual artist living in Chicago”

Illustrator Camilo Medina standing in his studio

Quick-fire questions with illustrator, Camilo Medina

Camilo is an illustration artist whos awesome work contains a combination of apparently disparate elements, which form vibrant collages with a grainy retro sheen. Sending some quick-fire questions his way, it was great to get to know how music has played such a big role in influencing his creativity

What do your mornings look like?

I avoid my phone for the first 2 hours of the day. Get a cup of coffee, listen to soft music and plan out my day

When did you first discover art? or realise you wanted to pursue a creative outlet?

I played in bands and took art courses all through high school but went to college for graphic design, mainly because my parents wanted me to get a job. Music has always been my most intuitive way of making art. It wasn’t until I left my Ad Agency job and started freelancing that I began to find freedom in my visual art practice and I’m still working on developing it

How would you describe your artwork?

Funny, emotional and horny

Are there any subjects or themes you are interested in? or represented in your work?

Expanding consciousness and awareness through visual art

What is your process?

Everything starts with an idea. I do my best to stick with the feeling and universe of this original idea until the piece is finished

What do you need in order to create your work?

I need to allow time for making mistakes, for contemplation and lastly, persisting execution

What do you find most daunting, challenging, or frustrating about what you do?

I like to feel that I’m making a step forward with every piece, it’s frustrating when I’m unsure where my next step should be

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