Quick-fire questions Robert LeBlanc

“I love cruising around with my camera and try to find quiet moments before the city becomes alive”

art photography print by photographer Robert LeBlanc

Quick-fire questions with art and documentary photographer, Robert LeBlanc

As a result of years worth of trust-building, Robert has gained access to undiscovered and revelatory slices of life. Documenting such amazingly authentic cultures and moments has bagged him some big-name press features and clients, like, VICE, SONY, Monster Children, HighSnobiety and Tesla

His portfolio offers an amazing snapshot into how artists can make the medium more honest. Which in turn, offers audiences new, authentic ways of seeing the world.

Having collaborated with him to release 5 fine art prints, we wanted to dig a bit deeper and get to know the man behind the camera, so we sent some quick-fire questions his way

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m mainly an art and documentary photographer. I spent my childhood and my 20’s on a skateboard cruising around photographing everything I find interesting. Now I bounce between longterm documentary stories or conceptual photography creating images of places and things we find in everyday life

What do your mornings look like?

I try to get up early and go on a bike ride every morning. I love cruising around with my camera and try to find quiet moments before the city becomes alive. After that, I absolutely need some coffee

When did you first discover art? or realise you wanted to pursue a creative outlet?

I first discovered art from skateboarding, actually everything in my life I credit skateboarding being the inspiration. I always had that creative bone, so It only felt natural to be creating art. Once I had my first camera it just felt right and I knew this was the medium I would devote my life to

How would you describe your artwork?

I would say my work is a mix of raw grittiness and optimistic imagination

Are there any subjects or themes you are interested in? or represented in your work?

I’m always trying to find interesting people and places all over that help spark the viewer’s imagination and curiosity

What is your process?

I try not to be to plan out or have a specific image in mind. I want the moment to feel organic and real. I always find when I go out to get a specific image I miss all the magic that happens around me, and most of my best images just happen unplanned

What do you need in order to create your work?

Music for sure! I pretty much do everything with music

What do you find most daunting, challenging, or frustrating about what you do?

I always hate it when I miss a great moment. It’s obviously the nature of the beast, but some time to perfect moment happens so quickly and miss it just by a few second. Also, great things always happen when I don’t have my camera on me, and I always kick myself for not having it when that happens

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