DROOL’s Valentine’s Gift Guide 2023

INSPO Do not even think twice about chocolates, teddy bears, or ‘I love you’ emblazoned items. Even flowers are a bit cliché. Our Valentine’s art gift guide will get you thinking progressively, it’s 2023 after all Surely the whole point is to show the people that you care for how much you know about them? […]

This is your sign to buy large art prints

INSPO Large art prints can make a bold and dramatic statement in any space. They can bring character, colour, and life to a room and make for the perfect finishing touch. Find out why we think you should consider buying big, bally art for your home or office View this post on Instagram A post […]

How to make a bedroom colourful

HOW TO 4min read Are you someone that adores a colourful bedroom, but are currently left feeling limited by plain white walls? The good news is, adding colour to your walls doesn’t mean you have to repaint them. There’s many opportunities to add pops of colour with a plain white room as your base. We’re […]

The 3 best decor tips for decorating rentals

HOW TO 4min read If you’re a home decor crazy like us, it often feels limiting when decorating rentals. Despite this, you shouldn’t feel this way, even if you’re living in a temporary space. So we’re going to let you in on our favourite tips for decorating rented apartments. There are usually tons of rules […]

Read this before buying art

HOW TO 3min read Are you bored of looking at the same interior, but don’t quite know how to fix it? Maybe you’ve seen home décor inspiration on Pinterest or you’re simply sick of the way your walls look. Either way, you want change, but you’re struggling with what to do next. Luckily for you, […]

4 tips to build the perfect gallery wall

HOW TO 3min read Building a gallery wall instead of displaying standalone art prints can be a pretty daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. So we’ve pulled together 4 quick tips to help you buy art prints with confidence STEP #1 Don’t be afraid to branch out Be brave when looking to buy […]

Designing a gallery wall

HOW TO GUIDE 6min read The beauty of designing a gallery wall is that you can get super creative and adds a ton of visual interest to a space in your own way. It’s the perfect opportunity to mix things up and incorporate some of your style and personality. As an art wall that sticks […]

Buying art that goes with your interior

HOW TO GUIDE 6min read A lot of the time people buy art because it complements the interior styling they’ve got going on, and that’s fine. It’s definitely worth including this factor when making your final decision. But as covered in chapter #1, we think you should ultimately buy and display art for the simple […]

Placing & styling artworks

HOW TO GUIDE 8min read Once you have some artworks selected, ask yourself where you want them hung. Sometimes you’ll know straight away where it’ll work best, other times you’ll want to play around and try to place it in different areas around your home. This way you can see where it looks best and […]

Buying your first artwork

HOW TO GUIDE 3min read Dipping your toe in and starting a collection can be daunting, but we set up DROOL so you don’t have to be an art-buying pro or flush with stacks of cash In this guide we’ll break down the following topics: 1. Mediums to start with 2. Open vs limited edition […]