Upgrade your living room art

INSPIRATION Wall art plays a huge role in setting the ambiance of a room. So, with your living room likely being the largest room in the house, paint and wallpaper is just the start of the decorative opportunities. The walls offer endless possibilities for you to add colourful or statement framed prints that reflect your […]

A guide to creating an inspiring home office

INSPIRATION Your house offers so many distractions, especially when your living room doubles as your office. Netflix, that squirrel in the garden, or the comfort of knowing no one’s looking over your shoulder when you whip out your phone – the ease of killer time is real! Which is why we’ve pulled together styling tips […]

How to style your space around art

INSPIRATION The wall art you add to your space is an expression of who you are. It adds a hint of personality and makes it inviting. So people often find choosing their art easy. The difficult bit comes when you try to style it within your home. So we’ve pulled together some top tips to […]