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Interior design trends 2021

STYLE TIPS We’ve put together our top 5 interior design trends for 2021 and beyond Speaking to a handful of interior and homeware experts from the UK and US, we’ve pulled together the trends and looks that we all predict to be big this year. The global pandemic made 2020 a big year for interior […]

Choosing art prints that complement your interior styling

STYLE TIPS If the thought of picking art prints that complement your space fills you with dread, fear not. Roxanne (& Mike) – behind Insta account @ourgreyhaven – have learnt a lot renovating their 1893 Victorian Villa…so we got them to share some tips and tricks to choosing art prints that compliment your interior styling […]

Tips on choosing the right artwork for your home

STYLE TIPS So, you’ve reached that time in your life when you’re ready to buy art that you can proudly display in your home. It’s a far cry from your student days when hanging torn film posters or lining your walls with night club flyers was the thing to do. But now you’re a little […]