Black & White

Black and white wall art

When creating a stylish and timeless aesthetic, contemporary black and white wall art in the form of posters, prints or pictures provides a slick look that stands out in any home. It doesn’t matter what format or medium they are, black and white colours are really easy to work with when styling an interior. They look great hung alongside other monochrome artworks or side by side with a colourful illustration to add contrast. We sell black and white framed prints as well as well as standalone black and white pictures, so there’s no better time to start filling your walls with this versatile artwork type

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Bold gallery wall

Easily combine black and white art prints within a collection and add in colourful artworks to make it pop. As depending on the rest of the decor in your room, having too many black and white prints together can wash the entire space out. So if you’re someone that uses artwork to bring colour to a space or you just prefer to have a little colour, then hanging black-and-white wall art alongside a colourful poster or two will look great

Sophisticated office space

If you’re looking for a refined finish in your office or workspace, black and white artworks are a great addition without being too stark and in your face


If you are buying black and white prints to frame yourself or you buy a frame through us, you can either go for a consistent look whereby you keep all frame colours the same, or you alternate it and choose some that are black and some that are white