A guide to creating an inspiring home office


Your house offers so many distractions, especially when your living room doubles as your office. Netflix, that squirrel in the garden, or the comfort of knowing no one’s looking over your shoulder when you whip out your phone – the ease of killer time is real! Which is why we’ve pulled together styling tips to help you nail creating a bright and inspiring haven of a home office to keep you motivated

home office with plants and contemporary framed office art
Elegant home office with contemporary photography wall art
shelf with small contemporary framed art print
  1. Good lighting is key. Particularly nature light, as it helps you concentrate and reduces eye strain. So make sure you set yourself up near a nice big window
  2. Surround yourself with items that will help boost and nurture your creativity. Fill your shelves with artsy magazines or books to motivate you, or place some inspiring framed artworks to help spur you into creative thinking
  3. Ensure it’s comfortable and inviting. Add some comfortable seating and plants, as these will help create a calm environment and will clear your head
  4. Make your walls pop. No home office is complete without bright and colourful framed art prints or posters dotted around the room. They’ll add personality, provoke positive thoughts and boost your happiness
  5. Accessorise with personal touches to make it your space