Buying art you love


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When people buy art, their decision usually falls into a couple of categories. Either you want to fill a bland empty space on your wall or you’ve seen something you love… or a combination of the two

In this guide we’ll break down the following topics:

Topic 1

The #1 rule you need to consider

If someone asked us what the one and only thing to consider when buying art is, we’d say ‘buy what you love’. We always say it. Just trust your instinct and buy for the reason that you really like it, it’s that simple. You might think that particular artwork represents your style or personality or it evokes an emotion or feeling when you look at it…. Or you might not be able to describe or think why you love it and that’s fine. At the end of the day, it’s your money, your style, your home, your choice, so what is the point in buying something you don’t dig?

Art comes in so many forms and is expressive by nature, so picking art you like and displaying around your home makes for a powerful statement and it becomes an extension of yourself, your personality and your style

Topic 2

Keep it fun kids

Choosing art prints to buy should be a really fun experience, but sometimes people overthink or stress about it. Art is about taste and personal opinion, so we think you’ll always be happiest when you buy art that speaks to you. As it’s more than a decoration. Once hung it’s going to be something you see often and should raise your spirits

Topic 3

The biggest misconception

When buying art people wrongly presume you need to know what you’re looking for and looking at. But in fact, it’s better to go into it without any preconceptions. The main thing you want to look for is a strong response or feel of connection with an artwork. Once you find this you can always go deeper and look into the medium or artist

Understand why you like certain art

You could find yourself gravitating towards a piece of art and wonder why you like it

STEP 1: Grab a pen and paper and then take some time to look at the artwork… and I mean properly stare at it

STEP 2: Write down what about it you love

To help stimulate those creative juices, ask yourself things like: is it the colour I love? Or the content? Or the medium? What does it mean to me or to the space? Does it reflect my likes and interests? Or is the love more abstract and it’s the style the resonates with me?

STEP 3: Don’t over-think this exercise, it could be something super simple, like, “The air and trees in that photo looks so fresh and it makes me happy” or “That colour of orange makes me feel positive and uplifted”

STEP 4: This is perfect for both new buyers and experienced collectors. Work through your answers (and you can repeat this process analysing more artworks) you’ll start to identify trends or patterns in what you love. This is where you can take your findings and hunt for other artworks to buy, as the process of finding and buying art should be much easier as you can use your findings to refine and filter your search

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Start shopping

No matter how little you know about art, if you see something you know you love, buy it, then making it fit within your interior can be the afterthought. All too often people think it’s a necessity to overthink how an artwork will fit their interior or a particular wall. But speaking from experience, we know that if you love it, there will always be a spot for it. You may just need to move it to another wall or room. As you’ll be surprised how different an artwork looks when viewed from a different angle or perspective