How to make a bedroom colourful


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Are you someone that adores a colourful bedroom, but are currently left feeling limited by plain white walls? The good news is, adding colour to your walls doesn’t mean you have to repaint them. There’s many opportunities to add pops of colour with a plain white room as your base. We’re going to walk you through our best colourful bedroom ideas that’ll help brighten up your space

Pink Flower Artwork Displayed In The Corner Of A Bedroom With A Blue Duvet Cover
Colourful Girls Bedroom With Pink Pillows And An Illustration Artwork Hung Above The Bed
Colourful Artwork Hung Above A Bed On A Grey Wall

Colour schemes for bedrooms

Our favourite bold colours to decorate with:

Decorating with blue

Blue is a colour that’s found a lot in nature, whether it’s light blue sky on a summer’s day or the deep dark blue of water. This is why people associate the colour with calming moods. However, blue can often be linked to opposing feelings, like being cold, sad and freezing. Statistically, it’s a colour that’s most liked by men, but for any of you women out there, this should in no way put you off. Blue is a great colour to decorate with as the link to oceans and the sky is very inspiring. You can go one step further and hang a photography print of a sky. Check out our blue artworks for a quick burst of colour

Decorating with red

According to colour psychology, the colour red evokes the strongest emotions compared to any other colour. Red is classed as the warmest colour, probably as it’s so closely linked to fire. But unlike many other colours, red has the most opposing and contradictory emotions linked to it. As when some people think of red they feel love and passion, whereas others feel it evokes anger. So when decorating with red it may be wise to think through what feelings you want to evoke in your space. Small splashes of it can be hugely powerful, have a look through our red artworks to achieve this look

Decorating with pink

Too many people associate pink with femininity and girly things. But it doesn’t have to be. The colour has close associations with romance and love, but a nice pale pink can be super relaxing which is perfect for creating a welcoming, colourful bedroom. However, if that’s not for you and you want something more stimulating, then opt for a bright, vibrant pink. Either way, have a browse of our pink artworks

Wall of art ideas

Bright and colourful art is essential when filling a room with colour. As the wall is a large focal point, a large statement print or a varied gallery wall can have the same effect as patterned, bold wallpaper

Illustration and graphic design prints can be particularly effective in filling a room with colour, due to their bold shapes and flat colours. However, loads of photography brings in some lovely colours, like the prints by Burak Boylu and Eve Lee

When exploring colourful prints, remember to trust your instincts and go with what you love. You don’t have to stick with traditional colours for bedrooms, such as pale pinks, blues and yellows – get creative. Plus, bright and bold tones will never go out of style, so don’t limit yourself with seasonal trends. Mixing different bright tones and shades can complement each other perfectly, especially against a white background

When it comes to framing, you’re safe with us, as our white, black and neutral wood frames bring the contrasting colours together flawlessly. If you want to see what each artworks look like against the alternative frame colours, you should check out our gallery wall builder tool. This drag and drop builder is an awesome way to try your favourite prints together on a white wall before purchasing

Colour on display

Whether you’re using multiple wall shelves, the smallest bedside table or the main large fireplace, flat bedroom surfaces are the perfect place to add a pop of colour. As shown in the photo from Naima below. As a small unique lamp or artsy, colourful candle is simple and affordable in adding that extra bit of colour. Many people opt to stack books across these surfaces- this has the potential for adding colour while keeping the room clean and simple

However, if you’d like to go for an even more minimalist look, while still adding colour to the room, indoor house plants can be a great option. Filling the space with different shades of green is so simple, and you can always explore different colour options with a range of plant pots. Remember, regular colour schemes for bedrooms might not be your style, so go with the shades that catch your eye first

Little touches add up to a colourful bedroom

We often focus solely on the statement features of a room, like large colourful sofas and other furniture. While these are undoubtedly important, to achieve the ultimate colourful bedroom it can help to focus on adding small additions, as these are often overlooked. Like how a bright, patterned rug serves as a beautiful bedroom addition which can bring the whole space together with that extra pop of colour. Then you can finally tie it all together for a well thought out look by matching certain colours or shades from your rug with your wall art