How to style your space around art


The wall art you add to your space is an expression of who you are. It adds a hint of personality and makes it inviting. So people often find choosing their art easy. The difficult bit comes when you try to style it within your home. So we’ve pulled together some top tips to help you style your space around your wall art

contemporary illustrations prints resting on a stack of books
large framed graphic design prints on the floor

1. You don’t necessarily have to hang wall art, get creative. By placing big frames on the floor or smaller frames on a shelf…or a stack of books, they become decorative objects

2. When art is placed in direct sunlight it can become discoloured. So make sure you hang it in the right spot

3. Create a bold and expressive living room. Get a few artworks and mix things up by grouping them or creating a gallery wall. Artworks and frames don’t have to match, as combining multiple styles and mediums can work really well

4. Your bedroom should be a serene, calming space. Achieve this by picking complimentary colours. So choose bedding, pillows or accessories that match your artwork can make it all feel unified

5. Don’t let your home office be boring – it should be a space that motivates and inspires you. Combine colourful wall art with plants to add colour and personality