The 3 best decor tips for decorating rentals


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If you’re a home decor crazy like us, it often feels limiting when decorating rentals. Despite this, you shouldn’t feel this way, even if you’re living in a temporary space. So we’re going to let you in on our favourite tips for decorating rented apartments. There are usually tons of rules and limitations surrounding the changes you can and can’t make with rentals. But fear not, you can still have a great-looking home without losing your deposit

Modern Kitchen With A Blue Fridge And Black And White Artwork On The Counter Top Leant Against The Wall
Living Room Interior With Natural Hues And A Green Artwork Leant Against The Wall
Brick Walled Interior With 2 Colourful Framed Artworks Leant Against The Wall

Tip #1

Invest in staple pieces

Sophie Caldecott, Editor at House & Garden, recommends when decorating rental apartments that your money is best spent on the things you can take with you to future homes. So you want to collect timeless pieces that you won’t get bored of. You can easily do this by sticking to what fits your personal style. This means staying clear of interior decor trends and seasons. It can be easy to get caught up in decorating your current space for the short term, but remember that you may not be there forever. Your best bet is to opt for versatile home décor that fits in a range of interior styles

Step #2

Hang pictures without nails

Wall art is the key to bringing colour and style into a space and can go a long way in making a house a home. However, many landlords put clauses into their contracts that stop tenants from decorating rentals or banging holes in the wall. So the last thing you want to do is make a mess of your walls and lose your deposit. For some lucky few, landlords say you can put holes in the wall, so long as you fix them up when you leave. This is an attractive proposition if you’re there for some time, as some simple hole filler and paint will do the job. Either way, if you’re not ready to drill holes in your wall, the magic solution is using some simple fixes, like command strips. this is a super easy solution that can be applied with no mess. The benefit here is that you can remove and replace them when moving your art and building gallery walls. They even now do ones that hold different weights, designed for large heavier works of art

When not to hang art

It’s not always vital to hang art frames on the wall. People often go straight for this method of displaying art as it’s traditionally what people have done. But we’re big fans of leaning artwork against the wall for a more casual look and not just when decorating rentals. As it adds so much versatility to the way you can present the artworks. For example, you can layer artworks, you can lean them on different surfaces, you can position them at different heights and you can even have a combination of some leaning artworks and others hanging around it. Lame people may consider this a lazy solution, but it’s actual an effortlessly smart look that creates a connection between the artwork and the surface it is leant on… and sometimes this is important in interior design so things don’t feel disjointed. Plus, leaning artworks can really help with any glare issues you’re having, as sometimes fixed lighting or natural light can create glare on a frame glaze. By opting to lean an artwork you have full control over the angle it’s displayed at and can be adjusted accordingly to eliminate glare

Watch how @kriskrechina styled the perfect living room look by leaning 3 artworks:

Step #3

Decorating rental homes, simply

Simple illustration artworks are the key and can go a long way in making a house a home. Consider these effortless, affordable additions an easy solution to bringing some visual interest and colour into a space. Due to their simplicity, they are super versatile. For a cohesive look you can also take a couple of the primary colours from an artwork and match shades of it with sofa throws or cushions. These are easy to transport and adapt to new surroundings making them the perfect way for home renters to bring some life to a space. Similarly, artsy lamps and vases are great, non-permanent décor pieces that make for a great combo. With no installation required and a huge range of styles and shapes available, this represents the perfect way to add a little bit of you to your space