Why buy art


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Let’s be honest, art is a thing of beauty to look at. Whether you love minimalist artworks, cartoon illustrations or street photography… or any other art for that matter, there is something awesome about it. It has the power to completely transform a space whilst speaking to people’s emotions and really allowing for true personalities to shine through

In this guide we’ll break down the following topics:

Topic 1

Art can be very personal

If you adore a particular artwork or artist and you hang their art in your home, you are showing your own personality and style. Then when someone comes to your home, you’re letting them know what you like and are giving them an insight into who you are

Not only that, but you are injecting personality into your home itself. When you move into a new place and have boring blank walls staring right back at you it’s horrible. Plus you want to make your property your home as soon as possible. Which is where art becomes your best friend, as hanging artwork on the wall is the quickest way to achieve this, and it’s going to make you feel comfortable in no time

Topic 2

You can experiment and be expressive

One of the best things about having artwork in the home and displaying it on the walls is the fact that you can use it to be more expressive, and to get experimental. There are a lot of things to keep in mind here, and you have plenty to consider when looking to make the best of this. Art is all about making an impression and capturing an aesthetic, and having different types of art in your home is a wonderful way of being able to achieve this. Which is why gallery walls are so popular as you can go ultra experimental, adding lots of different artistic mediums, styles, orientations, finished… the list goes on

This is all about the type of art you choose, and whether you feel it makes the right kind of impression in your home. Now, there are a lot of things that you can think about when you are looking to make the most of this. For instance, bold wall art is a great way of adding some personality and character to your home. So try to choose the best forms of art that will help your home grow

Topic 3

Legit backed by science

It might sound like somewhat of a generalisation to say that art is good for you and your mental health, but it’s true and there are many studies that now provide it. Quite a number of reports make the link, including a recent study by the University of Houston who measured the effect of art on the brain. They concluded that “when viewing art, there is a major increase in a brain’s delta wave connectivity, which is linked to a person’s decision making and sustained attention. There is an even higher increase in the brain’s gamma wave activity, which is linked to information processing and cognition.” This basically means that having meaningful art around your home could actually boost your brain’s activity, and apparently by as much as 10%

Even if you just scratch the surface on the benefit of art, it can provide amazing calming effects, as well as allow people to express their thoughts and importantly, it opens people’s minds to be more creative, either consciously or subconsciously. So why would you not want art in your life?

As displaying art in your home is much more than just a decoration. Once hung it’s going to be something you see often and will raise your spirits, genuinely make you happy or it could even cause you to stop and reflect as you move through your home. It can really help you find peace and ground you if you need it