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Stringing her stories, feelings and fragments of memory from then and now just like pearls onto a thread, she creates her own mythological system. The textures, lines, shapes and even colour palette found in surrounding landscapes influenced her style and manner, both in sculpture and painting. The objects, animals and characters depicted in artist’s work are emerging from inspiration derived from astronomy and Greek myths. Savchits has recently reintroduced Slavic mythology into her work, which she was brought up on and play an important role in forming her visual language

Her personal mythology is predominantly based on the concept of opposites that helps artist tell thought-provoking archetypal narratives such as battle of good and evil, visible and invisible otherness, death and rebirth. However, artist often destabilises these binaries to deconstruct cultural stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination

Selected Exhibitions

Saatchi Gallery

Tate Modern

London based artist Valerie Savchits kneeing in her artist studio in front of two canvas paintings



The mighty mammals and mythological figures who hulk through Vojtěch’s work are a fascinating story. The combination of large, forceful compositions on tortuous surface results in impactful paintings that evoke the strength of sculpture. Herculean figures strain within the format, seemingly breaking out of the hulking frames, brandishing mighty slabs of flesh and muscle

Vojtech’s work reflects his deep knowledge of art history : schematic figures evoke Picasso, expressive colours bring back Matisse and Gauguin while the work on volume is of Fernand Léger’s influence. Likely due to Kovařík first dealing with ceramics and sculpture, and started painting later, only as an autodidact

Artist VOJTECH KOVARIK stood looking at the camera in front of 2 large paintings that are hung on the wall



With a style that is fun, fresh, and funny, Haein’s combination of skill and humour is seemingly effortless. Observing her work you’ll find she is always trying to represent women of colour, whilst consciously making an effort to draw women with black hair. With a belief there are already so many blonde and brunette women being celebrated in popular culture, her work illustrates that black hair is beautiful and cool too!

Press // Clients

It’s Nice That



London based artist Valerie Savchits kneeing in her artist studio in front of two canvas paintings