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These are the artists, illustrators and designers killing it at the moment. Having had solo exhibitions or bagged some big clients, they are hugely talented creatives that are making big inroads in their respective fields

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With a style that is fun, fresh, and funny, Haein’s combination of skill and humour is seemingly effortless. Observing her work you’ll find she is always trying to represent women of colour, whilst consciously making an effort to draw women with black hair. With a belief there are already so many blonde and brunette women being celebrated in popular culture, her work illustrates that black hair is beautiful and cool too!

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With a uniquely Australian coastal upbringing, Kris connects the dots of his unlikely trajectory into a psychedelic constellation of work: lucid textural pieces, photo-based collages and kinetic type-based compositions that vibrate off the page with their own brand of hyperactivity

In Small’s world, the saturated colours of a tropical adolescence float in defiance of the grid, kaleidoscopic patterns embody an overactive mindset, and explosive typography continues a long-standing tradition of radical protest art from the fringes of club world. It all serves to connect an energetic aesthetic with coded — perhaps hallucinatory — notes on modern identity

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The mighty mammals and mythological figures who hulk through Vojtěch’s work are a fascinating story. The combination of large, forceful compositions on tortuous surface results in impactful paintings that evoke the strength of sculpture. Herculean figures strain within the format, seemingly breaking out of the hulking frames, brandishing mighty slabs of flesh and muscle

Vojtech’s work reflects his deep knowledge of art history : schematic figures evoke Picasso, expressive colours bring back Matisse and Gauguin while the work on volume is of Fernand Léger’s influence. Likely due to Kovařík first dealing with ceramics and sculpture, and started painting later, only as an autodidact

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