Sam Smyth

Sam Smyth


Sam is a Norfolk based artist best known for his hard edge geometric paintings and collages. He works from his studio at OUTPOST in Norwich. Sam grew up in Bristol where he initially became interested in graffiti & street art before attending art school in Bournemouth. His art has taken him down a reductive path towards exploring primary shape and colour- partly influenced by an interest in the post painterly art of the 60s and related movements of the 20th century. Speaking about his collaged compositions, Sam says:

“I first started creating the collaged works because I had a 9-5 job (I also work as a graphic designer) and I wasn’t getting enough time in the studio. I started getting up at 6AM and creating one or two collages each morning. It became a sort of meditative exercise and an effort to develop a sensitivity to pure colour & form. I became interested in the way that some combinations of shape and colour feel so dynamic while similar compositions feel completely dead.”

This interest in colour has also led Sam to experiment with using light in his artwork. In 2017 he created a neon & LED light box for the new AC Hotel in Times Square. Sam is currently working on a similar project that uses diffused light to create immersive colour fields that engage the peripheral vision.

Instagram: @samsmythart

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