Choosing art prints that complement your interior styling


If the thought of picking art prints that complement your space fills you with dread, fear not. Roxanne (& Mike) – behind Insta account @ourgreyhaven – have learnt a lot renovating their 1893 Victorian Villa…so we got them to share some tips and tricks to choosing art prints that compliment your interior styling

interior styling and gallery wall by roxanne from ourgreyhaven
hammering a nail in the wall to hang a gallery wall

1. Don’t be afraid to use bright and vibrant colours against white walls, the contrast really makes them pop. Art is a great way to get across you personality and add bit of fun to a room, so be bold. You can still keep it uniform by having them all in the same coloured frames

2. Try to use a good mix of styles, from paintings to photography and even abstract shapes or illustrations. I’d highly recommend incorporating artworks that incorporate different textures too

3. Definitely introduce different sized frames to add interest and depth to your walls. Thinking about the placement of your art is key too. Making it less rigid with a scattered gallery wall is a great way to add some drama